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  • Information

    All the information you need to know before renting a boat.

    Required Documents

    There are certain documents we need to be provided with.


    Passport or ID*

    We need your passport or ID to complete the contract


    Signed Contract*

    We will provide your contract of rental so that you can sign it


    Boat Driving License

    Required for rib boats. If you want to rent a boat without a licence, then you can choose between Fishing or Speed Boats


    Insurance & Boat License

    Every boat carries an insurance by us, You just need to carry it.

    *required documentation needed for all standard boat rentals

    Included in all boat rentals

    Damage waiver is optional at extra cost. Petrol is not included in the price, it is charged on return.

    • Full boat handling tuition
    • Information Briefing
    • Area Map
    • Life Jackets
    • Recue & recovery service
    • Ladder for swimming
    • Sun Canopy
    • Cooler Box
    • Spare Anchor
    Speed boat additional extras

    Hydraulic Steering
    Sweet water shower
    Bluetooth USB Radio Stereo
    USB Charger Plug

    Rib boat additional extras

    Anchor Windglass
    GPS Plotter

    Hydraulic Steering
    Sweet water shower
    Bluetooth USB Radio Stereo
    USB Charger Plug

    Boat Operation

    Start & End of Cruising

    1. Start the engine with the gear in neutral and the boat still tied up.
    2. When engine is running ok untie the boat and take the rope into the boat, making sure the rope is not hanging in the water.
    3. If the anchor is out, pull it up and take it, and the rope, into the boat. Put seaweed back into the sea.
    4. Reverse boat 20-30 meters clear of shore before turning
    5. When travelling at full speed you are required by law to keep a distance of 200 meters from the shore.
    6. Approach your destination from 100 meters slowly. At 12 meters from the shore put the anchor in the sea. Keep the anchor rope out of
    the propeller. At 5 meters put the engine in neutral gear.
    7. On arrival tie the forward rope to the jetty or shore and pull the anchor line tight, to check the anchor has caught, and tie it to the boat. If
    leaving the boat for some time, slacken the forward rope a little to let the boat lie clear of the jetty.
    8. Turn the engine off and put it in the tilt position.
    9. When tying up to a beach try to leave the boat with at least 1 meter of water underneath. When the big waves from a passing ship come
    in your boat will be safe and not hit the ground.

    While Cruising

    Keep a lookout for and keep clear of shallow water areas.
    Always watch out for swimmers and snorkelers.
    Do not enter Albanian waters or visit Albania.
    Watch for changes in the weather. Return to base if unsure.
    Keep clear of big ships, their waves could swamp your boat.
    Give way to other vessels to your right.
    Please keep within the area limits to ensure a quick and safe recovery service if necessary.
    If the wind becomes strong please take down the sun canopy.
    Also remember that the captain should avoid alcohol consumption. He is responsible for the safety of his passengers as well as other people at sea.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

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