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    Boats to hire in Paxos



    The fishing boat or begginer's boat is the most suitable for beginners at sea.   This easy to handle and steer boat gives the opportunity to visit Paxos' beautiful beaches and cruise the island at a low cost. Does not require a skipper license. Just rent it, we will give you a lesson how to drive and control it and explore the majestic places of Paxos!  

    Be aware of the amazing blue caves! Don't skip them!

    Carnayo Boat Beginners
    4-5 Adults
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    Speed Boats

    A really good choice that could get you anywhere! Equipped with many upgrades, will definetely be a good choice for you and your beloved people! Really easy to steer, fast but safe, will sail you to all the amazing places of Paxos. We have installed many upgrades, such as bluetooth sound system, usb charger and hydravlic steering to make your trips a unique experience!

    Paxos Discovery Speed Boats
    30 (upgraded to 50)hp
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    Paxos Explorer Speed Boats
    30 (upgraded to 50)hp
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    Rib Boats

    The best choice for experienced skippers who feel the need for speed. This swift boat will get you anywhere while almost flying above the sea level. A speedboat's license is needed. Do not own one ? We provide you with the option of cruising with one of our specialized skippers who are ready to "fly" you wherever you like while also knowing every inch of Paxos island. Able of fitting up to 10 people, this beast is the best option to enjoy out little terestrial paradise with yout favourite ones.