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    Paxos Marine Boat Rentals was founded in 2018 by Makis Vlachopoulos and Dimitris Apergis. Makis, Merchant Navy Officer with 15 year experience in every sea around the globe. Dimitris (Notos), boat mechanic, specializes in organizing, maintaining and repairing all kinds of boats. We created this company with love, respect and joy, envisioning the future, with "compass" our experience, obedience and vision!

    Our Method

    Due to our experience with customer service, we value each customer as a person and not as a number. Therefore we embark on building a human relationship with every visitor while providing you with our finest services.

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    Our Boats

    Boats to Rent

    We provide quite enough boat types, for beginners, semi-experienced and experienced customers whether you own a skipper’s license or not.

    Carnayo Boat Beginners
    4-5 Adults
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    Paxos Discovery Speed Boats
    30 (upgraded to 50)hp
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    Paxos Explorer Speed Boats
    30 (upgraded to 50)hp
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